Epoch: Our battles

While we are instructed to place everything in the two board categories of GOOD or BAD? We’re all smuggled in maintaining the things which don’t fit there too. We want to decide and propose better things of Good for ourselves but do we absolutely do it? Are we still acquiring someone’s else Good, Yes, Better, Yeah as ours without even analyzing if itsContinue reading “Epoch: Our battles”

Epoch: Conscious

From very little to bridges I have to write on this. I’ve pondered my whole life and still I am doing to find why our body makes us so conscious. Why specific association makes us conscious. What is toxicity and what is inclusivity? Definitely words I & you must know about. Why certain places defineContinue reading “Epoch: Conscious”

Epoch: Femininity

The patriarchal society, our parents and sometimes even the closest people around us will elaborate us on what we should be at this age, you’re approaching or already at. There is always a different battle we have in our minds for our milestone checklist, then there are others who have the assumptions/traditional stereotypical societal expectationsContinue reading “Epoch: Femininity”

Epoch: Parents

We now know the pain you went through mentally, physically, emotionally & financially to have “US”. We admire you for the immense love, care & constant support you’ve given us and continue to do so. Wish we could go back in time and let you know – please don’t sacrifice yourself to have us. TheContinue reading “Epoch: Parents”

Epoch: Appreciation

Taking a moment, and an Epoch to tell you this. Let’s be proud of, “WHO” we are becoming. Happy-sad moments of everything/anything/nothing we lost and found in search of a better tomorrow. Mindful or heedless decisions we took in a leap of faith. The voiceless heart left behind, found new reasons to be voiceful. RedefiningContinue reading “Epoch: Appreciation”

Epoch: Better Place

We live in an era, where wanting perfect things are so important. From basic to extravaganza, we need them all perfect. Perfect business mind & plans, perfect career, perfect job, perfect body image, perfect prompt replies, perfect social media pictures & captions, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend/spouse. We often forget that, there is nothing that existsContinue reading “Epoch: Better Place”

Epoch: Happiness

We all work for happiness, sometimes towards it and sometimes away for it. From the very day you were born a girl, we’re taught compromises as basic life lesson which society naturally expects. We’re told “Compromises are the leading route to Happiness” At every phase of our life, we are injected with our boundaries ofContinue reading “Epoch: Happiness”


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