Epoch: Conscious

From very little to bridges I have to write on this. I’ve pondered my whole life and still I am doing to find why our body makes us so conscious. Why specific association makes us conscious. What is toxicity and what is inclusivity? Definitely words I & you must know about. Why certain places define your freedom and certain suffocate you.

It’s beautiful to know that we subconsciously give the other person, the virtue of verdict on your body, your skin, your flaws, your clothes, your passion, your profession, your love or beloved, your ethnicity, your religion, your caste, your economic conditions & everything that you’ve earned to be the reason of you making you conscious. You are being harsh to yourself, you let the other person’s opinions pollute your inner peace and acceptance by just a call, a comment, a taunt, a compliment or their prejudices. We’ve let a whole beauty industry feed on us about how conscious I must appear like? We’ve grown up seeing every little thing as a standard to cope up with, if you fail to do so, you just live being conscious of not looking or being a certain way. We’ve let the waist, butt, breast and abs get to us, we’ve let the strings, no-strings, lace, silhouettes, colors define our choices and identity, the lucrative checks & fortune that you earn define our happiness, the companionship are no more about openness but about “who competes who”. Romanticizing standards aren’t real. Perceiving social media as your stylist and role model is subservient, and an absolute bullshit.

Your clothes, your opinions, your learning and your challenges doesn’t own you. You own them all. You can change them all. You can reverse them, keep them. Do what you like? In the world of “Filters”, I know it’s threatening to be “RAW.” The choice to self-care more and care less about the free judgments about myself makes me “STUPID”. Oh!!!!! I want to be the biggest stupid in every room. I want to make my stupidness infectious to others. I want to mingle with a group where all are “STUPID”. If you find sophisticated people telling you a name that would be “Self obsessed”. That’s okay too. I am obsessed with myself, I am obsessed with the fact that I can’t let my body, my clothes, my background, the money in my wallet & bank account, the properties I own, the rudeness and opinionated talks I do is making you feel – I should feel disgraceful and change something in me. Is making you feel I should be “Conscious” of me. I’ve decided to withdraw my conviction on what is “Conscious” for me. I’ve decided to be a nonconformist. I want to mark that my pride is me, my pride is my stupidness, my pride is when i don’t fit or don’t torment myself to fit in, my pride is when I am confirmed to be a human before anything. You’ll never be alone if you choose “yourself” over “the others”

Happy Pride Month!!

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