Epoch: Marching on with brave tears

We often term that we learn more from our bad experiences than the good ones. We rejoice our good ones, we cry, empathize ourselves for our bad ones, we name it our “learning”. Are learning’s supposed to be so painful that whenever we think of it, we’re either teary up or bawling our eyes out? Are they supposed to leave scars? Are they always supposed to be spoken filtered, as deep down, we still consider a part of it was our mistake?

We’re all soaked in our baggage’s of mistrust, unfaithfulness, child abuse, any degree of sexual assault and harassment, oppression, relationship, comparison’s, friendships, families, identity crisis and many more which are yet to be defined. There is so much pain, when you decided to speak about it. We choose our audience very wisely, they actually go through so many screenings, they didn’t know of. We don’t want the word to spread, we fear rejections, judgments, impressions, and abandonment. (*As I write this, contemplating the world is a dangerous place*). Through all the hells, we forgot that its “WE” who is suffering inside and outside. We, somehow, gain the audacity to be the baddest person to our own selves. Be it in blaming for not knowing the unknowns. Be it for choosing a path in the name of love, trust, and affection. Be it for calling ourselves ignorant. Be it for finding a platform to discover our strengths. Are we also blaming ourselves for looking good in the world? Are we accusing ourselves of trying to be good to others? Are we accusing ourselves of believing or finding love, trust & compassion for someone? Are we criticizing ourselves for growing? An unsolved puzzle on “why did it just happen to me?”. Believe me, It has happened to many of us, yet, we lack the conversations and friendly shoulders for it. Because we’ve been conditioned to keep our bad experiences to ourselves, locked in the trunk, buried deep down where even a hoe can’t dig it. Whenever somebody dared to be brave enough to speak about it, there exists the world to tell you were in the wrong place with the wrong person. You should have known it was coming for you because of how you’re and last but not least, You’re delusional. As you all read these tampering statements, please note there are billions of permutations & combinations and simple forms of saying them and hearing them.

Is there a pleasant way to get past it? NO, it shakes you again. Can we call out the predator or the offender? YES, a billion times YES. Will the world see you the same way ever again? Not sure, but do we’ve to care about the ones who don’t give a damn about you and your well-being. Will life ever be the same again? Oh, Honey!! It can be so much better, because you grow every minute of the day. There will never exist an ideal world where you can narrate your opinions and experiences unfiltered. Just with an epoch I’m not asking you to move rocks and mountains for yourselves, but, I’m urging you to not wait for the right moment or time, it never comes. Start with moving pebbles, start with it. It is going to be an unpleasant path because you don’t want to settle it inwards anymore, you want to speak about it, letting the world know you’ve outgrown it, it doesn’t get to meddle with what life has forthcoming for you, this just makes you the strongest person ever, but it comes with high sets of risks. Are you willing to live through it, just for yourself?

What has happened to you? Shouldn’t repeat for others – be firm on this. You must talk and let your younger ones, your children’s, your siblings etc., all of them know what is a good touch and a bad touch? Teach them what and how they can be harmful to others, teach them about relationships, teach them ways of oppression and bullying that might come their way, teach them to scream their consent out loud for themselves and for others and to conclude, why we believe in Humanity.

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